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Research & Development


LICengineering has a wide range of research and development in mechanics ranging from various connectors to clawloks.

LICengineerings Research & Development of Mechanicals

LICengineering has carried out a variety of research and development activities relating to mechanical. A selection of activities is listed below.

  • Flexible Riser Connector
  • Cable CPS Connector
  • Turner Tool
  • Internal Platform (ATP)
  • Flexible Riser Connector
  • Clawloks
  • Cable CPS Connector
  • Tower road transport
  • Mitigation solutions (disc spring fatigue testing)
  • Offshore high strength grouted connections (structural FEM analysis, evaluation)
  • ATP, airtight platfom for offshore windfarm monopile foundations
  • Bridge chord (pulling hydraulics)
  • Control of HPU working tandem (test rig)
  • Hydraulic levelling systems
  • Porpoise detectors (acoustic data aquisistion)
  • EFP bundle connectors in Grådyb

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