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Renewable Energy

Repair & Modification

LICengineering offers engineering services in relation to repair and modification of existing windfarms and related equipment. This also includes mechanical and hydraulic design where appropriate. Example of these works are listed below:

  • Design of cable repair clamps for internal J-tubes
  • Design, testing and engineering to repair offshore cable protection system (CPS) on London Array windfarm, 175 J-tubes plus export cables
  • Repair of road transport equipment, several projects, testing, design, fabrication supervision fro repair of 150 T tower road transport vehicles. Structural reinforcement of equipment modification of vehicle bed, failure identification, vehicle dynamics, supervision of vehicle modification at local yard in Esbjerg
  • Design of mitigation solutions for MP/TP grouted connections on a series of offshore windfarms in the North Sea. The solutions included post-installed disc spring axial relief systems. The disc spring system was fatigue tested at a recognized technical authority in Germany

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