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Leading Partner in Research & Development

LICengineering is a company which is focused on research and development along with our engineering commitments. This ranges from funded research projects such as EUDP to industrial development as part of our detailed engineering  solutions on new projects or maintenance and repair projects. The Client and industry requirements are typically the drivers for these activities.

LICengineering has developed expertise in the fields of hydrodynamics, geotechnics, structures, mechanical/hydraulic systems, materials, flow assurance and structural integrity management.

LICengineering has a long tradition of publishing scientific results and engineering solutions as international papers presented at technical conferences. LICengineering holds several patents, LICengineering proprietary and Client proprietary with LICengineering as inventor.

The resarch and development activities are typically linked with practical testing or prototype development using well-known technical universities as well as our own and partner facilities for testing and  prototype development with local yards.





Materials and Corrosion

Flow Assurance

Papers & Patents

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