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Oil & Gas Energy

Support Structures

LICengineering has carried out detailed design of numerous support structures of various layout, including jackets, mono-piles, tripods and gravity based types of structures.

Left foto: Installation of monotower platform for oil and gas production on marginal fileds in the Southern North Sea. LICengineering designed 5+ foundations including subsea pile, monotower and in one case also the topside structure. The structures were installed by jack-up rig and supply vessel in combination.                                                                                                                                                            Right fotos from the top: 1) Monotower for marginal oil and gas field in the North Sea. Design of the tower by LICengineering.  2) Monopiles designed by LICengineering, stored  on the yard. 3) Tow-out of LIC designed monotowers for offshore installation.

A Wide Range of Different Structures

LICengineering provides services related to support structures in the offshore oil and gas sector. The work includes the following examples:

  • Detailed design of monopile and monotower structures for marginal platforms, 8 projects installed in Southern North Sea
  • Detailed design of monopile bucket supported structure for marginal oil and gas platform, one installed in Southern North Sea
  • Structural verification and re-analysis of existing jacket and tripod support structures
  • Specialized analysis for jacket structures such as VIV response analysis, shielding analysis, impact/push-over analyses and scour protection design
  • Generation of loads including stochastic methods in AWARE project
  • Jacket and riser re-analysis with AWARE loads
  • Floatstar, conceptual design of jacket tripod support structure with bucket foundation for float-out installation

Please refer also to our renewables section for more support structures design by LIC.

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