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Offshore Support Structures

LICengineering provides support during all phases of the design of offshore support structures, starting from of site investigations, conceptual through to detailed design, detailed drawings, fabrication, transport, installation and in-service until decommissioning.

LICengineering has carried out detailed design of numerous support structures of various layout, including jackets, mono-piles, tripods and gravity based types of structures.

Our design are innovative in the way of being low cost in all senses including both fabrication, transport, installation and in service and decommissioning. This means that our designs are made in accordance to newest standards combined with state of the art geotechnical, structural and hydrodynamic knowhow. Furthermore, we do our design in a close collaboration with our client’s technical staff, fabrication and installation teams in order to get the optimum design at lowest cost.

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Photos: Structures for Nini East and Cutter