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Renewable Energy

Transport & Installation

LICengineering has significant experience with transport and installation engineering for offshore and onshore windfarm applications. The work includes design of equipment as well as short notice review and engineering relating to issues occurring during the operations. Examples of this type of work are listed below:

  • Lifting, handling, rigging – design and analysis
  • Piling analysis, piling procedure
  • Review and solutions for out-of-tolerance flange connections on large offshore monopiles
  • Review and structural analysis of ship impact on newly installed monopiles
  • Steel cradle design for large TP sections for sea transport in horizontal position
  • Steel seafastening design and deck fixations for nacelle and for TP in vertical position
  • Hydraulic piston systems for levelling of MP/TP connections
  • Blade stack seafastening with twist locks and wire systems
  • Repair of onshore tower (150 T) road transport systems, reinforcement main nodes, structural analysis, fatigue analysis in road running based on strain gauge time response, repair design, yard works supervision, procedures for bolt tensioning, several projects
  • Installation assistance to diver teams, gap evaluation, bolt handling, bolting/bolt tensioning

Examples of LICengineerings designs are listed below:

  • Turner tool design, offshore blade installation
  • Scour evaluation and scour design, scour installation methods
  • Scour repair design
  • Suction bucket installation
  • Pull-in analysis and seabed stability analysis for cables, cable burial
  • Cable installation and cable rectification, CPS, diver tools, permanent repair solutions
  • Integration testing and offshore installation procedures
  • Support to wing developers, molds strengthening design
  • Wing developers, out-of-house drafting support
  • Onshore blade transport design/engineering for manufacturer
  • Structural analysis, handling and lifting analysis for blades
  • Crane boom support for change-out of vessel crane boom in harbour
  • Turner tool design for offshore blade installation, mechanical/hydraulic

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