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OHVS Support Structures

Offshore High Voltage Substations Support Structures

Left foto: Steel OHVS foundation showing above water surface. At seabed the foundation is a reinforced concrete base (coffer-dam).  Right fotos from the top: 1) 2)  Concrete base during construction. J-tubes bell mouth for cable pull-in on the outside and internal routing protected from wave and current loads. 3) Drawing of piled jacket type OHVS support structure.

LICengineering carried out detailed design of a number of Offshore High Voltage Substations (OHVS), including monopile foundations (Northwind) and jacket structure foundations (Jieyang OHVS foundation shown bottom right picture) and jacket/concrete hybrid foundation (Anholt OHVS foundation shown on main picture and two top picture right).

LIC carried out installation engineering and site supervision of critical tasks for some projects.

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