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Oil & Gas Energy

Subsea Structures

We provide design of subsea structures in Danish and other waters for pipeline subsea safety valve arrangements (SSIV), pipeline subsea connection points, wellhead protection and other applications.

Design & Engineering

LICengineering provides support during all phases of the design of subsea structures, starting from of site investigations, conceptual through to detailed design, detailed drawings, fabrication, transport, installation and in-service until decommissioning.

Our designs are combined with state of the art geotechnical, structural and hydrodynamic knowhow. Furthermore, we do our design in a close collaboration with our client’s technical staff, fabrication and installation teams in order to get the optimum design at lowest cost.

LICengineering has developed a unique subsea structure design suitable for protection of pipeline components such as valve arrangements, wye piece connections and other components placed on the seabed. The layout features open design for minimizing scour development as well as easy and safe ROV/diver access. These structures have high capacity for resisting trawl boards impact and dropped objects.

LICengineering has designed and in some cases supplied specialized subsea arrangements including automatic porpoise detection systems, permanent and temporary wellhead protection structures, drilling and jacket mating templates, structures for tensioning of 1000 T dyneema sling arrangements, structures for wave particle velocity measurement systems and design of pipeline hot tapping support/protection structure. The structures are designed for simple installation including utilization of jack-up drill rigs on location.

Subsea Sling Tensioner

LICengineering has designed and supplied 4 x 25 Tonnes subsea sling tensioners quayside for temporary repair of an offshore production platform. The structures were designed to facilitate the sling tensioning done by divers.

Drilling Template

LICengineering  has designed drilling templates for pre-drilling of offshore wells in advance of the jacket structure installation. The templates include pile and mating system for alignmanet of the jacket. The templates were installed using the drill string from the jack-up rig.

Wellhead Protection Structure

LIC designed the subsea wellhead protection structure, pipelines and the expansion spools coiled within the structure. The structure was supported directly by the well tubular and fitted with fall-out legs. The wellhead was in operation in +25 years.

Porpoise Detector

LICengineering  has designed and supplied a number of subsea porpoise click detectors to provide info on the marine mammals, in preparation for new offshore wind developments. The units with recorded acoustic data were retrieved from surface by acoustic release of embedded buoy with rope.

Integration Testing

LICengineering provides design and field services related to, repair and modification of subsea structures and pipeline systems, including preparation of diver procedures and onshore integration testing.

Subsea Caisson Repair

LICengineering provides design of subsea repair clamps for offshore caissons – for diver assisted installation on existing structures. Tasks also include design of  platform installed  fibreglass lined dump and cooling water caissons with drilling connectors, for replacement due to corrosion.

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