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Transport & Installation

LICengineering carry out work within transport and installation of large structures, such as weight analysis, lifting and sling arrangements, installation procedures, preparation works subsea and topside, intervention/preparation of pipeline inventory and interface engineering.

Left foto: Installation of large tie-in spool for a subsea gas pipeline.                                                                                                                        Right fotos from the top: 1) Upending of a large structural pipe to ensure correct and precise mating of drilling template and offshore wellhead jacket.  2) LIC supplied the design of several drilling templates for pre-drilling of subsea wells in the North Sea.  The templates were installed on the rotary drill-rig steel pipestring, thereby gaining large cost savings on installation vessels.

LICengineering assists the Client with offshore transport and installation engineering. The work includes detailed design, procedures preparation, transport analysis and lifting/handling. Example of work type is listed below:

  • Subsea structures installation
  • Jacket pile and monopile installation
  • Temporary support arrangements
  • Pipeline and tie-in spool installation
  • Riser installation
  • Installation procedures for subsea considering crane, lifting gear, pile swaging, divers/ROV interface and installation from Jack-up/drilling rig
  • Loadout and sea fastening design/analysis
  • Winch arrangements, winch base design
  • Design of subsea or topside temporary equipment including hoist/rigging arrangements, lift points, hydraulic cylinders, chains, wires, slings, buoyancy arrangements, levelling systems and other special equipment

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