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Press release

Offshore specialist company LICengineering joins international consultancy company NIRAS

LICengineering, which specialises in offshore constructions, will join NIRAS on October 1st 2023, bringing a range of strong specialist competencies to a growing offshore market.

LICengineering, now part of NIRAS, has strong expertise and many years of experience in planning and designing offshore structures, experiences that can be highly valuable for NIRAS’s numerous projects in Denmark and internationally. With the integration, LICengineering changes its name to ”LICengineering – part of the NIRAS Group”.

Their experience in designing offshore constructions comes from years working on significant projects such as The Great Belt Bridge (Storebæltsbroen), the Øresund Bridge, the Northwind Windfarm and the Krigers Flak Wind Farm, with several of these projects done in collaboration with NIRAS.

Currently, LICengineering is also assisting with the offshore renovation of Denmark’s natural gas field, Tyra, which is scheduled to reopen in the winter of 2023/2024 to enhance the energy supply to Danish households and industries and reduce dependence on the European gas market.

Morten Christensen (left) standing together with Christoffer Truelsen (right) at LICengineering’s office in Esbjerg.

The competencies in offshore constructions will strengthen NIRAS’s ability to contribute to the energy companies’ transition in energy production.

“The entire energy sector is undergoing significant changes in these years, and there is a need for resources, expertise, and experience in offshore constructions, which LICengineering can provide. These competencies will be central in the energy transition because there is a significant need to build large structures such as offshore wind turbines, port expansions and energy islands, such as the one in the North Sea, where NIRAS is an advisor to the Njord contractor consortium under the VindØ investor consortium,” says Senior Vice President in NIRAS, Carsten Heine Lund.

“Another example is the extensive expansion of Rønne Harbor, where NIRAS, as the client advisor, assists the harbor in preparing for future needs and requirements for shipping ports and adjustments related to the Bornholm energy island,” Carsten continues.

Digital and technical specialist competencies a platform for development and training.

LICengineering has strong specialist competencies in marine and coastal constructions and extensive knowledge of offshore pipelines and cables, which will complement and supplement the other market areas in NIRAS within marine and offshore services. Additionally, LICengineering has access to a range of advanced digital tools.

The success and pace of the green energy transition, along with ensuring future energy supply, depend significantly on sufficient and qualified workforce – something that is currently a bottleneck for these important efforts.

“LICengineering has a unique professional environment for the development and training of future offshore specialists, and joining NIRAS will create a very strong platform for accelerating this crucial training process,” says Morten Christensen, Head of LICengineering’s Esbjerg office.

Perfect timing: The right move for both LICengineering and NIRAS right now

 “We look forward to contribute to the strong professional community at NIRAS. Together, we have greater capacity to participate in the many upcoming marine and offshore projects necessary to expand renewable energy production,” says CEO, Niels-Erik Ottesen Hansen.

“Becoming a part of NIRAS also allows us to offer our employees more opportunities for exciting and diverse tasks at home and abroad,” Niels-Erik continues.

Esbjerg as Denmark’s offshore center

Through this integration, NIRAS’s presence and activities in Esbjerg will be significantly strengthened.

“We see Esbjerg as one of the central locations in the expansion of the green energy sector in Denmark, and this has only been reinforced by the ‘Esbjerg Declaration’ in May 2022. With the acquisition of LICengineering and its 20 employees, we will have twice as many colleagues in the area, which is a strong development for NIRAS’s office in Esbjerg,” concludes Vice President in NIRAS, Christoffer Truelsen.

Facts about LICengineering

LICengineering is a leading design and consultancy company, working within the offshore and marine energy sector. It offers a wide range of services throughout the phases of a project/project cycle – from conceptual design and detailed drawings all the way to fabrication & installation, on-site inspection and in-service operations and decommissioning.

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Facts about NIRAS

NIRAS is an international consultancy company founded in 1956 and one of the leading Scandinavian firms in the development sector. With our headquarters in Denmark and branch offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa, we take part in 7.000 projects in more than 100 countries.

Our services cover the full project cycle, from the preparation of master plans and technical and financial analysis, design and tendering to supervision, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Our 2.600 experts offer multidisciplinary specialist knowledge that guarantee holistic solutions.

At NIRAS, sustainability is at the very core of our endeavours, and for many years, our experts have been at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions in large infrastructure projects.

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