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Renewable Energy

Floating Wind

LICengineering is engaged with floating wind engineering. Our engagement has so far included technical review of proposed floater systems including turret systems (Dounreay Tri floater shown in picture top left) and conceptual design of various floater solutions. We have carried out   specialized structural analysis applying super nodes, solid and shell elements to find the stress level and fatigue performance of main members and special high load connection points (Tetraspar ANSYS FEM shown in picture right). LICengineering has special knowledge within hydrodynamic analysis and determination of the structural response in time for a floating structure. Further to our in-house programs, we have a technical cooperation with the company Principia/Artelia and an agreement regarding use of their recognized program Deeplines. This program now includes a full hydrodynamic and aerodynamic model of the floating WTG system including the combined tower, nacelle and turbine blades response.

Other projects include analysis of the Sea Twirl system.

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