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Left foto: Tower transport in standard cargo vessels with LIC designed sea fastening cradles.
Right fotos from the top: 1) Sea fastening cradles.  2) 3) Porpoise detector frames including subsea sensor and recording equipment. Diver/ROV less system developed for simple and cost efficient retrieval.

LICengineering has carried out various special design assignments within the offshore renewables sector. The works include detailed design of:

  • Steel supports for crane boom extension for a major installation vessel crane
  • Design, testing and supply of porpoise detector frames, deployed in German North Sea waters prior to windfarm construction. The frames including the subsea sensor and recording equipment were placed on dedicated locations on the seabed and retrieved after a year with an acoustically release retrieval bouy line
  • Sea fastening cradles for tower transport in standard cargo vessels
  • Sea fastening frames for deck support of nacelle, TP sections and blade racks
  • Engineering and pipeline/riser design for the wave piston prototype system installed offshore Gran Canaria
  • Offshore Metocean mast design, several projects

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