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Renewable Energy

Supply of Components & Structures

LICengineering supplies various components to the offshore renewables industry. This work is carried out on customer demands and include special tools, full repair solutions, cable related accessories and specialized structures. Examples are listed below:

  • Clamp systems for internal J-tubes in offshore monopile
  • Clawloks for Cables – LIC has designed and developed several repair system for fixating cables at the bell mouth, LIC has adapted the Clawloks system to accommodate simple cable pull-in and safe fixation of the cable when installed
  • Diver tools for repair of failed cable protection (CPS) at J-tube exits
  • Temporary and permanent clamp systems for strengthening/repair of existing array and export cables at J-tube exits
  • Our Clawloks steel-steel connector, developed, tested and in service (+15 years) for oil and gas flexible risers, is offered in a version for cable protection (CPS) as a long life robust J-tube or MP-hole exit solution
  • Porpoise detector frames, seabed mounted structures with subsea data acquisition gear and acoustic release system for diver/ROV-less retrieval

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