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LICengineering has developed, designed and manufactured the ClawloksTM, which is a robust and simple support and latching system for flexible risers and umbilicals. The ClawloksTM is typically used on floating production vessels and turret systems, where it provides structural interface between the subsea riser and the I/J-tube. The connection is diverless and automatic and is established during pull-in of the riser. The riser with the male part and bend stiffener can be disconnected by use of topside operated hydraulic system, or alternatively, by use of ROV with bolt drive system.

ClawloksTM is also designed in a smaller version for J-tube connection system for subsea cables on windfarm foundations and sub-stations. The design is made to ensure that a structural strong and reliable connection with effective sealing of the J-tube is achieved. The system is latched automatically by strong steel claws during pull-in of the cable, and can be disconnected by simple surface pull.

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