Drones hunt for rust and savings

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Inspections of offshore platforms can be more thorough, faster and cheaper

These are the very real prospects which motivated a group of Danish offshore companies (Semco Maritime, Bilfinger, Drone Solutions, Svendborg Measurement Service and the Danish National Meteorology Institute) to hunt down a new, innovative solution together: Corrosion inspection via drone. 

LICengineering is consulting on data treatment and supporting operations & maintenance aspects of the project.   

"The potential is considerable, both domestically and abroad. In the Danish offshore industry alone, the cost of corrosion inspection is upwards of DKK 250 million each year. A conservative estimate is that an innovative solution with
drone inspection could eliminate a fifth of the cost," Glenda Napier, CEO of Offshoreenergy.dk, explains:"In the Danish sector, the economic benefits are tremendous. And in a global perspective, they are staggering," she says.

The ambition is that the drones will be able to perform corrossion measurement at the end of 2018

Read more about the project here (Danish Text)


A drone over water at sunset. Creative Commons photo via Pexels.com.